Thursday, August 27, 2009

Global Marketing Management Paper and Final Exam

Dear students,

In order to pass Global marketing Management Course this semester, there are some requirements that you should fulfill. The first is writing a case study paper related with the topic given previously. The second is taking final examination. To standardize the paper, below is the guidelines and the outline of the paper.
I. Case Study Paper
1. Each group should write a paper of the related topic given previously. The paper is a study case paper which will explore not only the case itself but also the theoretical framework which is related with the case study.
2. Each group should submit two kinds of report
a. Hard copy report
b. Softcopy report, which will be uploaded in the blog.
3. The deadline of the submission is:
a. Hard Copy: Monday, August 31 2009. To be collected by the Head of the Class and submitted to my office no later than 10 am. No Late Paper will be excepted.
b. Soft Copy: Saturday, August 29 2009. To be uploaded in the blog.
4. Use your analytical thinking skill to write the paper, combined with your creativity in presenting the paper. Sense of art is one thing that you need to be considered.
A. Hard Copy
1. Cover
2. Table of Content
3. Background
4. Theoretical Framework
5. Analysis
6. Conclusion
7. Bibliography
8. Appendix
• Documents related with the case study
• Power point presentation
• CV for each member
9. Companies that need to be analyzed:
• Product: Coca Cola, Nike, Nokia
• Price: KFC, Esprit
• Place: Amway (Direct), Toyota (Indirect), Acer (Indirect)
• Promotion: Revlon (advertising), Unilever (sales promotion), McDonald (Public Relations (including event)), Amway (Direct Marketing)
B. Soft Copy
1. Power point presentation. To be uploaded in the blog.

II. Final Examination
Final examination will be held online through the blog. I will post question(s) on the blog, Saturday August 29 2009. All you have to do is respond to the question no late than 24:00 WIB, same day. No same answer will be accepted. Therefore, you have to be the first to respond. The sooner the better.

It’s been nice to be with you all in Global Marketing Management Class, hope to see you soon in the next class. Good luck with your project and prepare for the final exam. See you in the cyber space…

Dr. Vanessa Gaffar


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